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Berlin Court Upholds Free Speech – OKS Prophet Muhammad Cartoons

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The German court has ruled, but what will be the aftermath?

A Berlin court has rejected an emergency appeal by three mosques to prohibit a far-right group from displaying caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad at a demonstration this weekend.

The Berlin administrative court ruled Thursday the caricatures were protected by laws allowing artistic free expression and their display alone did not violate laws against slander nor those against inciting hate or violence.

Three mosques had filed the appeal after the far-right “Citizens Movement — Pro Germany” had said it would display the caricatures during its Aug. 18 demonstration in the capital, being held under the slogan “Islam does not belong in Germany — stop Islamization.”

Yet, there continue to be newspapers in the United States who continue to refuse to print the cartoons.

I wonder what the demonstration will bring on the weekend?


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