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California Congressional District 26 resultsResults Graphic from Around the Capitol

But, this race is NOT over since there are a good number of mail-in ballots that were delivered either on election day or via mail a few days prior. There might be up to 20 per cent of the total ballots cast that have not been counted (40K).

But, Tony Strickland has a steep margin to overcome. It is possible though.

Ventura and Los Angeles Counties must certify their results by December 7.

Stay tuned and if there is any movement in the race, I will be sure to post it up.


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Day By Day cartoon for November 7, 2012

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Congratulations to President Obama and the Democratic Party who persuaded American voters to prefer freebies over freedom and redistribution over initiative.

But, now, they will have to pay for it with a Divided Nation and a House controlled by a conservative Republican Party.

Obama and Harry Reid will attempt to exact a compromise with the GOP to make them appear bipartisan and magnanimous. This would be a big mistake.

What the Republicans should do is accept the new paradigm of entitlement politics and the demographics of racial divide while preparing to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

There is NO need for the GOP to compromise with the Democrats for The LEFT owns the government – let them accept the consequences.


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