GOP Should NOT Let John McCain Set Immigration Amnesty Policy

Arizona Senator John McCain teamed up with Senator Ted Kennedy back in 2006 with the last attempt at comprehensive immigration reform. Conservatives beat back this plan for immigration amnesty.

As I wrote previously, there is NO hurry for the GOP to rush to accommodate President Obama’s call for a comprehensive reform plan. No reason at all – unless you suddenly think that all of the Hispanic voters who have NEVER supported the Republican Party will precipitously decide to switch from the Obama Democrats.

Of course, any such thought is folly.

In fact, I suspect that the GOP would lose more working class white voters in the South and Midwest by pushing a plan which will grant an amnesty to over ten million illegal aliens – who would vote 70-30 Democratic.

John McCain failed before, sold out the GOP and with along with his pal, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham -nesty should NOT be the chief negotiators or spokesmen for any immigration reform.

During Saturday’s panel on immigration at the National Review Summit, Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies made the point that a Republican-backed “comprehensiive” bill would not only fail to win Hispanic support for the GOP, but would actually hurt the party. If any such bill becomes law, Obama and the Democrats would take credit for its passage, while the people who oppose amnesty — especially blue-collar white voters — would blame Republicans.