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ObamaCare is a California Loser

How many months ago did I prognosticate that ObamaCare, while rammed through the Congress by Democrats, would NEVER be fully implemented? Look what is happening in California, which is probably BEST case.

More than 1 million cancellation notices have been sent to Californians as the Affordable Care Act begins allowing individuals to buy insurance through exchanges, Jones said. The federal law requires policies to offer minimum levels of coverage, forcing companies to terminate many existing plans. But Jones said that under the law, insurers have another year to do so.

More than a MILLION policy cancellations!

How many Californians will be “BARE” (without insurance) over the next year?

Just wait for the increase in premiums and the “sticker shock.”

The Congress should get busy and make the necessary changes in the law or….. voters should change the Congress.


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