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    CA-24: Rep Elton Gallegly Third Quarter Fundraising Report Reveals $800K Cash on Hand

    California Congressional District 24

    Third quarter fundraising reports are out and Rep. Elton Gallegly, my Congressman, reports over $823 K cash on hand.

    • Contributions: $229,221
    • Expenditures: $157,407
    • Cash on Hand: $823,988
    • Debt: $0

    Here are possible candidates, who may indeed challenge the long-time Republican incumbent.

    • Steve Bennett – Ventura County Supervisor (D), Ventura
    • Richard Francis – Former Ventura City Councilman (D)
    • David Pollock – Moorpark City councilman (D)
    • David Cruz Thayne – Westlake Village Businessman, tennis coach

    Here is the poop on the district:

    Gallegly saw his home drawn into Buck McKeon’s district, but he has represented Ventura County for years. With the additional of Democratic coastal communities in Ventura County added to this district and a resurgence of Democrats in the county this district is very competitive. Gallegly has been rumored to be retiring and this district may just push him over the edge. Democrats have 6-point registration advantage, Obama won this district by 16-points, but Brown lost it by 1-point. GOP state Senator Tony Strickland is looking at running here, though the district is competitive, there are no term limits.

    With this fundraising activity, Gallegly is not laying down or looking like a retirement is imminent. He is active in GOP circles in the district and is home most weekends. Elton would either have to live just outside the district or move a few miles to be within the CA-24 borders.

    However, he is widely know throughout Ventura County, having represented most of the CA-24 for decades.

    I look for Elton to run for re-election, barring any health problems. If he doesn’t, look for California State Senator Tony Strickland to enter the race.