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    CA-26: House Majority PAC Goes Up with Negative Tony Strickland Television Ad

    TV Ad Calling Tony Strickland an Ultra Conservative

    House Majority PAC’s Ad – “Stripes”

    Former Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC is up with a new television spot attacking California State Senator and CA-26 Republican Congressional candidate Tony Strickland for being a what – an “Ultra-Conservative.”

    The problem with the ad is that Tony Strickland is a conservative and so is the Ventura County based 26th Congressional district.

    Here is the breakdown of the CA-26’s demographics.

    Even the Decline to State voters are conservative in this District.

    This ad carries the same old LIBRUL themes: my opponent is an Right-Wing extremist, wants to take abortion away from women, hates stem-cell research and cancer patients and generally is a corrupt corporation supporting miscreant who wants to send YOUR job overseas.

    Don’t think it will work.

    Here is the ad (embedded below):