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    Don’t Take the Bait

    Fine words from Liz Sheld over at American Greatness.

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has threatened the Vice President, demanding he invoke the 25th Amendment within 24 hours to remove Trump or this week, the House of Representatives will begin impeachment proceedings against the president. He only has 8 days left in office. If you are in financial distress because your business/job was destroyed during the virus lockdowns and your kids have gone uneducated for 8 months well

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    , sorry Charlie, that’s just not a priority for the Democrats. The purpose of the impeachment is two-fold. First, to escalate the current heated political climate so the Trump supporters will act out and they will gain more momentum for whatever draconian measures and punishment they hope to execute. Don’t take the bait. Please. And secondarily, to humiliate and demoralize the left’s political opposition. Also, don’t take the bait.

    Over the weekend, the tech oligarchs enacted a wholesale purge of WRONGTHINKERS from their platforms under the guise of public safety. And why wouldn’t they? Their desire to purify the public “discourse” has never been hidden, and with the loss of the Georgia senate races, there was no possibility there would be unfavorable regulation coming their way. So here we are. Trump has been memory-holed from the major social media platforms and other undesirables have disappeared along with him. Take this opportunity to review your own internet and social media use and decide wisely where you want to direct your effort and support. If you thought the tech oligarchs would be satisfied to remove perceived enemies from their own houses, be mindful about where you spend your money and look into supporting smaller businesses to serve your needs.

    Read her posts every morning!