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    Day By Day November 9, 2011 – Pussies

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    Most of the Lamesream media slants to the LEFT and they are very protective of the Obama Presidency.

    But, there is some hope, Chris: CBS News Reporter: WH, DOJ Screamed At Me Over Fast And Furious

    Laura Ingraham, host: “So they were literally screaming at you?”

    Sharyl Attkisson, CBS News: “Yes. Well the DOJ woman was just yelling at me. The guy from the White House on Friday night literally screamed at me and cussed at me.”

    Ingraham: “Who was the person? Who was the person at Justice screaming?”

    Attkisson: “Eric Schultz. Oh, the person screaming was [DOJ spokeswoman] Tracy Schmaler, she was yelling not screaming. And the person who screamed at me was Eric Schultz at the White House…….They say the Washington Post, the LA Times is reasonable, the New York Times is reasonable. I’m the only one who thinks this is a story, and they think I’m unfair and biased by pursuing it. My side of the story is I never knew where this story was going when I talked to those whistleblowers back in January and February, and I didn’t care where it went. I’m just sort of digging away and going where it leads, but I’m sure they take it very personally because they have very important implications.”

    Indeed, this cat is out of the bag…..