10 thoughts on “What Happens When You Publicly Oppose California Proposition 8 and Traditional Marriage – You Get a Letter

  1. 1st. In response to “Reverend Joe” Don’t call yourself a Christian… No man is to call himself Reverend as that is to be reserved for God Himself. 2nd Don’t call yourself a Christian and be pro gay marriage. God Himself says that it is an abomination to Him. Think about it, Marriage is for Man and Women to come together and REPRODUCE… Gays and Lesbians cannot do this. It is Un-natural. Lastly, Quit slamming others, Love them, hate the sin but love the sinner. I don’t hate gays just the life style. It goes against what God has created us to be and to have with Him. No hate here just truth about life. God bless…

  2. See what happens when you mix religion and politics? *face palm* Although I do agree that they should be handling their campaigns better. Anyways, No on Prop 8.

  3. There should be two ceremonies. A Civil Ceremony for the “business” end of marriage, and a religious ceremony. It is a fundamental right to all to be able to get married. Churches should be allowed to choose who they can marry. This would separate church and state. The Mormons will be loosing their tax exemption status, and I will remain married, both civilly, and religiously.

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