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Keith Olbermann v. Twitter – The Worst Person in the World Apology

Keith Olbermann Apologizes to Twitter and Dan Cooper for being called the Worst Persons in the World?

It ONLY gets better for Keith Olbermann. Remember the Flap and Olbermann calling Twitter the WORST in the world?

I’ve previously written at length about Keith Olbermann smearing Twitter and Dan Cooper, suggesting that they, along with Fox News, conspired to defraud America by setting up a fake Twitter account in Keith’s name. As we all know by now, Keith couldn’t have done a worse job with that segment. Not only was the Twitter account legit, he actually had a second account for his show, which tweeted the very segment where he denied being a part of Twitter!! Well, Keith has finally decided to address the smear.

Well, Olbermann really does NOT apologize but says just enough to probably avoid a lawsuit from Dan Cooper and Twitter.

Keith Olberman remains, the biggest IDIOT in the Woooooorrrlllllldddddd…….

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9 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann v. Twitter – The Worst Person in the World Apology

  1. Olbermann is not only an idiot, but a total SOB. As you probably know, he was a sportscaster in the LA area for sometime, moving from station to station. During that time, it was noted in print that he was despised by virtually everyone at the the stations where he was employed. The guy is a psychopathic nut job.

  2. Dennis – Wow noted in print, that has to be good stuff. I knew he was a sportscaster but I didn’t think the people he worked with actually printed how much they despised him. Do you think you could put the links to the printed text here so the rest of us can read what they said?

  3. Perhaps the author missed it, or was too busy trying to smear Keith over something really trivial, but the account WAS indeed fake before NBC took control of. A number of celebrities and companies have taken control over Twitter accounts made in their name, as is their legal right (see: trademark and copyright laws). Maybe you should listen to what’s being said or do simple research before you go off on a stupid rant?

    How sweet irony is.

  4. The facts are out there and Jenn you are simply trying to revise them after the fact.

    And, Olbermann is still an idiot.

  5. I agree with Jenn on this. I am a Twitter fan and I searched Olbermann’s name on Twitter and some people started accounts using his name. Most are weird right wing people! The Twitter people have taken control of the celebrity accounts because of this. In Olbermann’s comment he does not apologize. He clarified the conflict with Twitter including the Twitter account made by a NBC media person. They took control of the account after they found out about the fake one. He said it all there.

  6. A fake Olbermann twitter account was set up, which later got handed by twitter to NBC to prevent fraud. Olbermann didn’t know about it.

    It’s not difficult to understand, Olbermann himself clarified the issue…but you still managed misunderstand the clarification as an apology.

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  7. More revisionist history from the idiotic left and Olbermann fans.

    Sharky, read my terms of use and consider this a warning.

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