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Perez Hilton Retracts Apology Calling Miss California a B*tch Says He Really Meant C- Word Anyway

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Only On MSNBC: Perez Hilton homosexual Outer and Hollywood Gossip Blogger

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for noticing this interview of Perez Hilton on MSNBC. Yeah, Perez Hilton is a BIGOT and shows more of his true colors in the above invocation of the C-Word slur against Miss USA runner-up, Carrie Prejean.

Way to stay classy Perez……

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  • jjray

    No Perez, tell us what you really think. :o) As I understand it, Miss California went to a conservative Christian college. Then her answer is not surprising. Also not surprising is Perez Hilton’s reaction to her response. What I can’t understand, however, is the response from Shanna Moakler, director of the Miss California pageant. Hello Shanna. You should have seen this coming.

  • Flap

    And, there is something wrong or nefarious about attending a Christian College – a conservative one at that?

    Perez Hilton is a MORON and the pageant should have seen this coming.

    By the way, her answer is a majority viewpoint in this country and even in California.

  • Nomad

    Perez Hilton is just jealous ’cause he wants to enter into the Miss America pageant, but he’d never win because he’s not pretty enough

  • Jess

    Let’s see…

    First she says that she and her family ( believe that marriage is only a man and a woman..right?
    Second later she says that her sister in the Navy is a gay rights activist…hey sweetie you just got your sister booted. Remember it is “don’t ask don’t tell”. The minute it is known what happens… Does she hate her sister who is condemned by her “The Rock” church where she is now a hero?
    Third she now says she supports gays and gay marriage?
    Now you want to condemn Paris?
    Sweetie this woman goes in more directions than Rush when they found his last load of pain killers….

  • Jess

    Oh wait. Let’s also take a look at those swim suit poses for that product of a conservative Christian College??? Dare ys to look at the clip again. If there was ever a bump and grind she was doing it in the clip.

  • Flap

    1. Her sister is not gay but heterosexual so Don’t Ask Don’t Tell does not apply to her.

    2. She has never said she supports gay marriage but only traditonal marriage between one man and one woman.

    Your facts are wrong, dude.