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rudy giuliani april 14 2009

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his wife Judith arrive at the premiere of “Grey Gardens” in New York April 14, 2009

Rudy will NOT make gay marriage an issue when he runs for New York Governor next year because……?

Giuliani does NOT have to and alienate anyone – his first rule in politics.

Rudy Giuliani, speaking on an Albany radio station this morning, appeared to walk back the implication in a New York Post interview printed today that he would make same-sex marriage central to a possible campaign for governor.

“I don’t get the sense that this is the key thing that people are thinking about right now – I think the economy overshadows everything,” he told Fred Dicker on Albany’s Talk 1300 AM just now.

The marriage issue “will be something that Republicans don’t have to use – this is something that will bring a lot of people to the Republican Party because it’s such a basic challenge to what people believe is the way society should be organized,” he said.

“Whatever the polls say, more than a majority support” civil unions, he said.

Rudy has a good track record with the Gay Community and supports civil unions. Polls show a majority support for his position on the gay marriage issue.

Let Democrat Governor David Paterson take the extreme pro-gay marriage position and let all of the right-center and religious voters flow to Rudy without making an issue of it.

A smart political lesson for the GOP.

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