Carly Fiorina,  Chuck DeVore,  Josh Trevino

CA-Sen: Chuck DeVore Communications Director a NO SHOW at California GOP Convention?

Joshua Trevino (L), Communications Director for U.S. Senate candidate Chuck DeVore

I remember last Fall, when Joshua Trevino, Chuck DeVore’s spokeshole ravaged Carly Fiorina for not attending the California Republican Convention because she was finishing up her treatment for breast cancer.


I saw this today on Twitter and really could not believe it. A spokesman and a paid one at that for California Republican Assemblyman and U.S. Senate candidate Chuck DeVore, Joshua Trevino,  mocking fellow Republican Carly Fiorina for not attending this past weekend’s California GOP Convention in Indian Wells.

James Richardson has the FLAP.

And, today is the start of the Spring California Republican Party convention in Santa Clara, California. Carly Fiorina will address a Saturday luncheon.

But, where is spokeshole Trevino?

Apparently, Trevino is not even in California but in Texas.

I guess with his candidate Chuck DeVore’s poor showing in the polls (7 per cent in the last one), there is no need for DeVore have a campaign team in place at the GOP convention.

So, has Trevino already given up on Chuck and trolling for a new gig at SWSX?

Looks like it……

Josh why aren’t you in Santa Clara with your candidate?

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  • Ann

    I guess if you look at straw polls like the one that said Prop. 8 would be defeated by 17% then yes you might say that. HOWEVER, Propl 8 won but a nice margin making the straw polls irrelevant.

    NOW, lets look at the Rassmussen poll that has DeVore within 5% of Boxer. That’s more realistic. Pick poll ANY poll that makes DeVore look non-viable. However, if you listen to liberal John Rothman’s statement this will shake them in there boots:

    “The Most Dangerous Rupublican” “consistent Republican message” “squeaky clean”