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senaterepublicans CA-Sen Poll Watch: Campbell 32.6% Fiorina 28.2%   DeVore 15.3%

California U.S. Senate candidates Tom Campbell, Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore

Graphic courtesy of Calbuzz

Yes, a fairly substantial lead that has been sustained now in three recent surveys.

A new Magellan Strategies poll in California confirms other recent surveys which show Carly Fiorina (R) has surged into the lead for the Republican Senate nomination.

Fiorina leads with 44%, while Tom Campbell (R) is at 21% and Chuck DeVore is at 14%.

The poll:

Obviously, Carly Fiorina has SURGED into a convincing lead as California voters participate in early and absentee ballot voting.

Survey results from the US Senate ballot test show Carly Fiorina with a 23 point lead over former Congressman Tom Campbell 44% to 21% and Assemblyman Chuck DeVore with 14%. Seven percent support another candidate, and 14% of voters are undecided. Support for Carly Fiorina has surged 24 points since our last survey on February 25th from 20% to 44%, and Tom Campbell’s support has declined 12 points from 33% to 21%. Chuck DeVore has made a small gain among men, increasing his support by 3 points from 11% to 14%.

Looks like Tom Campbell is collapsing as Independent Expenditure Committees run ads against him and Chuck Devore is a NEVER-WAS. With DeVore at only 7 points above another candidate and 30 points behind Fiorina, his candidacy is TOAST.

But, the race is fluid – so stay tuned……

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Day by Day by Chris Muir

The “Nanny State” mentality of the Congressional Democrats will be tested at the ballot box this November. Will Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid allow their minions to run on “local” issues?

Progressive regulation, control and tax/income redistribution are losing issues. Americans reject them.

But, will voters reject the Democrat Pols who espouse them?

My guess is yes.


The Day By Day Archive


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