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California Poll Watch: One in Five California Voters Would NEVER Cast a Ballot for a Republican

gopelephantupsidedown Memo to the California Republican Party: Time to Change?

No surprise here.

Almost one in five California voters said they would never cast a ballot for a Republican. Among Latinos, that rose to almost one in three, according to a new Los Angeles Times-USC poll.

Only 5% of California voters were as emphatically anti-Democrat, according to the survey.

“I don’t know how any Republican thinks they can win in California after looking at this,” said GOP pollster Linda DiVall, who with Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg directed the survey for The Times and the USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences.

California voters surveyed in the poll repudiated the GOP stance on illegal immigration by endorsing a host of positions intended to make it easier for the undocumented to gain legal status. Their support for same-sex marriage outnumbered that opposing any legal recognition by more than 3 to 1. Californians also endorsed an assertive role for government in protecting minority citizens, regulating corporations and helping the poor and needy, and rejected arguments that an activist role for government had harmed the fiber of American society.

The complete poll is here.

California with its ethnic and geographic segmentation has been a super Democratic state. But, on the other hand, it appears to be the only state so predisposed, along with New York. The Democratic Party has become a regional, ethnic, and two state party.

So, what will be the policy implications of these findings?

  • I don’t think the national Republican Party will put too much money into California for statewide races any longer – at least for the foreseeable future.
  • There will be a hardening of national GOP positions on illegal immigration, border security, and illegal alien amnesty.
  • California will not be the recipient of much Congressionally generated pork or bailout monies.
  • The California Republican Party will hunker down into a permanent minority roll and concentrate on winning Congressional and Legislative seats in “RED” districts while waiting for opportunities.
  • California already known as business-unfriendly will be a jobs donor to other states who recruit California businesses.

California is in a deep blue hole and it may take decades to change – if ever.