President 2012,  Sarah Palin

President 2012: Sarah Palin’s Standing in the Polls = Not So Much

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin looks down during the Pledge of Allegiance before speaking to the LIA (Long Island Association) Annual Meeting & Luncheon at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, New York, February 17, 2011

According to the PPP Poling group (A Democratic Pollster) not very well.

  • In 15 states where we polled the 2012 Presidential race between November and the incident in Tucson Palin trailed by an average of 14 points. Barack Obama had won those states by an average of 8 points, so Palin was running 6 points behind John McCain’s performance in 2008.
  • In 12 states where we’ve polled the 2012 Presidential since the Tucson incident Palin has trailed by an average of 10 points in states that John McCain actually won on average by 3. So she’s now running an average of 13 points behind McCain’s 2008 showing.

Certainly before Tucson it appeared Palin would suffer a crushing defeat if she somehow snagged the 2012 Presidential nomination. But now it looks more like that would be a loss of historical proportions.

As you know, I have been posting most of the head to head polls here and Sarah Palin when facing President Barack Obama has not done well.

Without a doubt, Sarah Palin would be a formidable candidate in the GOP primaries and would possibly win. But, to what end?

2012 is NOT the year for a Sarah Palin Presidential run – and I thinks she knows it.