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Then, this morning there is this from Politico.

Via POLITICO’s Jennifer Epstein, Michele Bachmann isn’t accepting an apology from Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace for asking her yesterday, “Are you a flake?”
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ABC News’ Jon Karl, who’s been getting face-time with Bachmann in Waterloo in advance of her formal campaign announcement, played a clip of the web video in which Wallace said, “I messed up. I’m sorry.”

When Karl asked if she accepts the apology, Bachmann brushed aside the question this way: “I think that it’s insulting to insinuate that a candidate for president is less than serious.”
Trying the question again, Bachmann replied, “Those are the small issues. I’m focused on the big ones.”

Well, Chris Wallace was patronizing and a jerk at best here. He rightly apologized, but women do not take to kindly to someone who ridicules them in this way.

Michele Bachmann handled it about right and she does have more important things to concentrate on this morning as she just announced her candidacy for the Presidency in Waterloo, Iowa.

2 Responses to “President 2012: Michele Bachmann and “Are You a Flake” Flap”
  1. Vicki says:

    Well, if the shoe fits, sometimes you just gotta wear it.

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