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According to Herman Cain in an interview on the Fox News Channel.

2012 GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain said he was “falsely accused” of sexual harassment while he was head of the National Restaurant Association.”It is totally baseless and it is totally false,” he told Fox News.

“I’ve never sexually harassed anyone and yes, I was falsely accused while I was at the National Restaurant Association. I say falsely because it turned out after the investigation to be baseless. …It is totally baseless and totally false. Never have I committed any sort of sexual harassment.”

Herman Cain also said he was not aware of any settlements that were made by the National Restaurant Association on his behalf.

He added: “If the restaurant association did a settlement, I wasn’t even aware of it and I hope it wasn’t for much. If there was a settlement, it was handled by some of the other officers at the restaurant association.”

There will be more questions, especially with regard to the settlement(s).

Stay tuned…..

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