CA-26,  Linda Parks

CA-26 Video: Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks Issues Two Challenges

Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks announced her candidacy for Congress last Saturday at Freedom Park in Camarillo, California

Go ahead, watch the video above and listen to the two challenges that Linda Parks gives to her challengers and the voting public.

I say good luck with that, when traditionally races for Congress have been very partisan and very expensive affairs.

A race for a highly contested Congressional District is NOT a local City Council or County Supervisor which are NON-Partisan and mainly low key races.

It is interesting that Parks who is a registered Republican, but is unclear whether she will run as one as designated on the June 2012 primary ballot, did not mention her opponents – all six of them (Democrats and Republicans a like).

By the way, when Parks beat former California Assemblywoman Audra Strickland (wife of California State Senator Tony Strickland, who has already announced for CA-26) in her 2010 re-election race for Supervisor, I received quite a few mail pieces in my mailbox and somebody paid for those. Parks knows how to campaign and will raise and spend campaign cash like the rest of the POLS.

Has anyone seen Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett lately? It has been rumored that he will withdraw from the race and support Parks at the behest of Ventura County Public employee unions.