CA-26,  Linda Parks

Updated With Video: CA-26: Linda Parks Avoids Question Who She Supports for President

Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks and No Party Preference Candidate for Congress

Yes, she did it again – Linda Parks avoided a political question, just as had earlier.

Parks, who represents the Conejo Valley on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors, switched her registration from Republican to “no party preference” for this race. She also has been a registered Democrat. In the congressional race, she’s resisted attempts to pin down her partisan loyalties.

At an earlier debate, she would not say which party’s candidate she would support for Speaker of the House of Representatives. On Thursday, Herdt asked her how she planned to vote for president of the United States, and she refused to answer that, too.

“The reason I’m running is because I’m rejecting the model that pits us against them,” Parks said. “I am truly an independent, and I reject trying to label me.”

As, I said before, this congressional race IS a PARTISAN one and this will not play well with voters.

How does one expect a politician NOT to have an opinion as to who to vote for President?

Her reticence to choose smacks of political opportunism, no?


Here is video of the entire Latino forum from yesterday: