CA-26,  Linda Parks

CA-26: Linda Parks Avoids Question Who She Will Support for House Speaker

Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks and Congressional candidate

It is not really a question you can dodge when running for Congress as a no party preference candidate, but Linda Parks did – multiple times.

This audience, it seems, really wanted Linda Parks to answer the question: Who would she vote for to be speaker of the House?

Parks, who is running as an independent in the 26th Congressional District U.S. House race, would have none of it.

She repeated what she’s been saying since dropping her GOP affiliation last month and re-registered as having no party preference: She rejects the emphasis on party domination; partisanship is keeping the country from dealing with real issues; it’s what’s wrong with the country.

David Maron, a League of Women Voters of Ventura County member who moderated a forum Friday afternoon for candidates for the House seat, tried again. Seven question cards had been submitted by audience members with some variation of the question, he told her.

“I am going without the baggage of a party label,” Parks said, and began to elaborate again.

Maron interrupted her midsentence, saying he needed to move on.

“I just wanted to give you one more chance,” he said.

Ventura County voters are not going to be satisfied with avoiding the question. It is simply answered either Republican Speaker John Boehner or former Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi or abstention.

But, you see, Supervisor Parks wants to appeal to voters of both parties and independents.

You cannot have your cake and eat it too, Linda.

Boehner or Pelosi?

I have embedded video of the League of Women Voters’ forum below.

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