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CA-25: Rep Buck McKeon Defends Paying Wife Patricia McKeon for Campaign Work

Rep. Buck McKeon and his wife, Patricia, a candidate for California Assembly with House Speaker Boehner

You remember the Flap, the hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to his wife and the report that was issued previously.

Now, Rep, Buck McKeon has gone on the record defending the practice of paying his wife, Patricia, for working on his campaign.

McKeon, a Santa Clarita Republican who is the powerful chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, defended the decision to hire his wife.

“My wife, Patricia, has been an essential component of my campaign,” he said in a statement. “She had daily roles as my treasurer and district fundraiser, as she worked an incredible amount of time preparing FEC reports, putting on district fundraisers, and managing my full-time campaign office throughout the years. Her duties have been in total compliance with the rules of both the House Ethics Committee and the Federal Election Commission.”

Patricia McKeon is a Republican candidate for California’s 38th Assembly District, which includes Simi Valley, Santa Clarita and a portion of the San Fernando Valley.

Well, I say B.S. and there is more than an appearance of Buck taking money from the special interests in the defense industry (He is Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee) and lining his own pocket.

Is there any wonder why many consider politicians crooks?

There is no exception here.

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  • T_Ravieso

    These people are corrupt! Thank goodness we now have a Republican alternative to McKeon in Gold Star father Dante Acosta. I spoke with him recently in Simi Valley and he is a friendly, outgoing, intelligent man who I believe will bring honesty and integrity back to the district. I urge those that are tired of this good-old-boy group of pols to support him.