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Day By Day June 28, 2012 – Profiles in Lavage

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Today’s Day By Day cartoon highlights Massachusetts Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and her claim of American Indian heritage.

More symbolism over substance from the LEFT.

Democrat Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren says she listed herself as Cherokee to get invited to tribal “luncheons.” So, why did she turn down a powwow with her alleged kin?

Warren, a Harvard law professor, is trying to take back Ted Kennedy’s old Massachusetts seat held by GOP Sen. Scott Brown.

When the Boston Herald learned the blue-eyed blonde had listed herself in faculty recruiting directories as an American Indian, Warren denied trying to get an affirmative action leg up. She insisted she ID’d herself as a minority for social reasons.

“I listed myself in the directory in the hopes it might mean I would be invited to a luncheon with people who are like I am,” Warren explained.

Well, some Cherokee women have called her bluff. Four authentic Indians traveled to Boston from Oklahoma, Oregon and Missouri to arrange a lunch with Warren — and she snubbed them.

They were in town four days, yet Warren couldn’t find time to fit them into her schedule. Even her staff blew them off. Her campaign never even returned their calls, despite an earlier promise that at least some staffers would meet with them.

The advantage swings to Republican Senator Scott Brown.

Does Warren have any thoughts on baseball?