California Proposition 37

Poll Watch: California Proposition 37 in Free Fall

CBRT Pepperdine University Polling Website Screencap

The more voters learn about the flawed California Proposition 37, the food labeling scheme, the more they seem to turn against its passage.

Look at the latest poll from the California Business Roundtable and Pepperdine University: YES: 48.3 NO: 40.2.

But, look at the graph of their polling results:

CBRT Pepperdine University California Propoisiton 37 polling graphI would suspect that all of the advertsing, plus the fact that every major California newspaper has come out against the poorly constructed initiative has had something to do with the precipitous change in the polls.

What a few months ago looked like an initiative with a sure bet to pass, now California Proposition 37 looks like a loser come November.


  • Tough Choice

    The NoOn Prop37 group has invested $36M to defeat this issue, using
    the tag line “Stop deceptive labeling.” What IS deceptive is the
    labeling of a product with the phrase “All Natural” when some of its
    ingredients are in fact GMO. GMOs have been altered to include the Bt
    toxin which kills a bug, when it eats the crop, by blowing out its
    stomach. YOU eat Bt toxin when you eat ingredients in processed food
    derived from these crops. That phrase would no longer be permitted in
    the labeling if the product contains GMO ingredients. Animal studies
    have shown kidney & liver diseases, tumors, and premature death.
    statements that CA farmers will be hurt by this, are a deception due to
    the fact that the primary GMO crops impacted are the monoculture
    products, corn, soy, cotton, and canola, which are largely grown in the
    Lastly, consider who is funding the $1 Million a day
    campaign to confuse consumers about this issue. It would be the “special
    interests” of Monsanto (maker of Roundup and Round up Ready GMO seeds),
    Dupont, Syngenta, Pioneer , Dow, et all. If their products were
    completely safe and no different, why try so hard to convince people
    that labeling GMO is “deceptive”? If there is no difference, then “Just
    Label It.”
    See “Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of our Lives,” free on YouTube, and you will understand why you need to vote YES on Prop 37.