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Arnold: Raking in the CASH for Special Election

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is raking in the political contributions, Schwarzenegger Still Getting Big Donations.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger may be slumping in the polls and beset by conflict-of-interest charges, but the governor’s fund-raising team continues to bring in sizable donations, including a $1 million contribution this month.

Schwarzenegger said in January that he would need to raise at least $50 million to support his ballot initiatives in the upcoming Nov. 8 special election. The governor’s top money manager said Wednesday the team is more than halfway to that goal.

“We are on track with what we said publicly we would do,” said Marty Wilson, a senior Schwarzenegger campaign consultant who oversees fund-raising.

I remember Marty when he was an aide with former California Governor Pete Wilson.

The Governor will raise the money and make the Democrats WORK for every vote this November.

The largest of the contributions so far in July was $1 million given to Schwarzenegger’s California Recovery Team by B. Wayne Hughes, chairman of Glendale-based Public Storage Inc., which owns 1,400 storage facilities in 37 states.

Hughes is a major GOP donor, having contributed more than $600,000 to Republican political organizations in 2004.

The Governor will BE BACK.

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