Mayor Sam’s Sister City Blog: Scoop of the Century

The creators of Mayor Sam’s Sister City – home of Los Angeles Politics have outed themselves in the scoop of the century.

My name is Michael Higby. Who? Exactly. I’m Joe Citizen – a lifelong valley resident, a voter and a taxpayer. I’ve been active as a community volunteer most of my life, but have never worked for an elected official and my involvement in political campaigns has been limited to volunteering such as phone banking, precinct walking, etc. I was a frequent reader and participant in the Fourth Floor Blog and when the owner of that blog felt compelled to shut it down, on a lark I started Mayor Sam. I only expected three or four people to read it, for it to last maybe a few weeks and that would be it. It has gone beyond my wildest expectations. I am quite proud of the service we provide to our city.

and what about……

I, Brian Hay, am pleased to announce that I am Mayor Frank. Ahh. It felt good to say that. Why, because I am proud to be a part of this forum. On a daily basis I hear about individuals both inside and outside politics discussing the issues presented on this blog. While this web page serves as a bulletin board for a daily update on local politics, it also allows the public to express their opinions on the issues in real-time. This is a feature that newspapers and other media outlets are unable to provide. Much of the content is pushed from the main stream media and anonymous tips from all of you, our loyal readers, and I want to thank you for your cooperation. I hope you continue to share your thoughts and ideas with me and my team members as we forge ahead into a new era here at Mayor Sam, and I urge you to celebrate with us as we roll past 250,000 visits.

Now, what about that drink with Flap?

Update #1

The gang over at Mayor Sam’s place has made the Los Angeles Times, City Hall Bloggers Revealed.

Three authors of the City Hall tell-all blog Mayor Sam’s Sister City revealed their identities today, after a Times reporter asked them to confirm their association with the website.

Brian Hay, a political consultant for Bob Hertzberg, and Mike Trujillo, a spokesman for Rob Reiner’s preschool initiative, said they played key roles on the website. Michael Higby, a community activist in the San Fernando Valley, could not be reached this morning, but in the afternoon he and Hay confirmed their roles in a post on the Mayor Sam website.

Hay said that he was posting to the Mayor Sam site at the same time he was running a campaign blog for his boss Hertzberg. On Thursday, Hertzberg said that he was unaware of Hay’s involvement in the anonymous blog.

“I didn’t know it until today. I don’t know what he wrote and what he didn’t write,” said Hertzberg. “I probably would have stopped him if I had known. I certainly believe in blogging and the Internet and it’s doing fabulous things for political participation.”

Nahhhh Hertzberg would have hugged Brian and said aight!

Oh! And here is Brian discussing Republican strategy with Alan Hoffenbloom at the Summer Bear Flag League Conference. (Heh!)