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Harriet Miers Watch: Condoleeza Rice Says Criticism of Miers Unfounded

The ASSociated Press has Rice: Criticism of Miers Is Unfounded.

Criticism of Harriet Miers as an unqualified crony of the president is unfounded, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday, praising the Supreme Court nominee for a “probing intellect” that will make her a great justice.

Rice said she has worked closely with Miers, the current White House counsel and a former deputy chief of staff on international legal issues, on matters such as a president’s wartime powers.

“She’s got a very probing mind and a probing intellect,” Rice said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“She is the kind of person who is if there have been four arguments given, Harriet’s going to look for the fifth,” said Rice, who was interviewed from London at the end of a diplomatic trip.

Referring to Miers’ critics, Rice, said, “I think that when they get to know her in the hearings, in the confirmation hearings, that they’re going to see a woman of extraordinary talent, extraordinary integrity and somebody who would be an extraordinary Supreme Court justice.”

Flap agrees and continues to support the Miers’ nomination.

Let’s hear from her at the judiciary committee hearings before anyone makes a final judgment.

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