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Iraq War Watch: Lt SMASH Asks Rep. Bob Filner – Success or Failure?

Lt. Smash asks Representative Bob Filner a question. Photo Courtesy of Da Goddess.


Another vet rises up…

Milblogger Smash confronted anti-war Democrat Rep. Bob Filner in California at one of the many “Out of Iraq” town hall meetings that took place this weekend.

Read about the exchange here.

Audio here.

Bear Flag League Member, The Indepundit, asks the question:

Are you committed to the success of our military in Iraq, or are you resigned to failure?

Representative Bob Filner, D-CA attempts to answer – The Quotes:

“Well, I mean, first of all, let me say I don’t, I don’t want to be seen as a defender of the previous regime, but that was, I think, the previous regime.”

“No, see, you, what you have done, is what I just talked about. That, how the President has gotten away with framing the issue. You framed the issue as “success or failure.” And obviously, if you’re “failure,” you’re a — you’re a jerk, right?”

“…Look, we — First of all, things can’t get much worse than they are now, by the way. They are pretty bad, no matter what Cheney says, no matter what Rumsfeld says. I mean, when you have 200 people killed, you know, in a day –”

“And you know, your brothers and sisters killed, something is wrong. …And, you know, if we shouldn’t have been in there to begin with, then it should not be incumbent on me to try to define getting out.”

But I would say, that an international police force, which could keep the peace, it would — that if we should put that in place at least —

SMASH: Led by whom, sir?

“The United Nations.”

“..Look, if you define success as “democracy,” you know, why — why would you choose Iraq to go anywhere, anyway? I mean, why are we supporting Saudi Arabia, or whatever? So, success can’t be “democracy.” Success can’t be “lack of autocracy,” because we support autocrats other places.

“Success, it seems to me for these guys, is control of, not only the — the strategic positioning, but the oil. So, success for me would say, “we don’t need your lousy oil”. We could start — we could put — we can run this whole country off renewable energy, right this minute.”

“And, we — we wouldn’t even care what happened in Iraq. Like we don’t care what’s going on in Africa, and we don’t care what’s going on in Saudi Arabia, we don’t care what’s going on in all these other nations…”

“Why do we care what happens in this little nation? One reason –”


“And, so, let’s get off oil, and let’s care about human rights in their real form, everywhere.”

Filner supports FAILURE.

What a MORON.

But, what do you expect in California safe congressional districts with a Democrat gerrymand?

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