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Samuel Alito Watch: Democrat Senator WILL Vote for Confirmation

Reuters: Senate Democrat backs Alito for US Supreme Court

Ben Nelson of Nebraska, a moderate voice in the U.S. Congress, on Tuesday became the first Senate Democrat to announce his support for conservative Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, who is expected to be confirmed later this month by the full Republican-led Senate.

“I have decided to vote in favor of Judge Samuel Alito,” Nelson said in a statement issued by his office.

“I came to this decision after careful consideration of his impeccable judicial credentials, the American Bar Association’s strong recommendation and his pledge that he would not bring a political agenda to the court,” Nelson said.

A Democrat in a very red state of Nebraska – such a courageous move – NOT.

Of course, Ben Nelson will vote for Judge Alito. A judge of his qualifictions is what America desires in their supreme court justices.

Senator Ben Nelson is NO Dianne Feinstein and that is a GOOD thing.

Judge Alito is on his way to becoming Justice Alito.

The Political Teen has the video of the announcement here.


Let’s see how many MSM outlets will lovingly call him a “maverick.” Or is that label only reserved for John McCain and George Voinovich?

More Democrat Senators will move the confirmation vote past the filibuster threshold of 60 prior to the 24th meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee.


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One Comment

  • Louise

    I am proud of Sen. Nelson. I just wish all of his Dem colleagues had the same philosophy–confirm QUALIFIED judges to the Supreme Court. I hope my moderate Dem Senator follows Nelson’s lead.