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Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch: Keynote Address Tonight to California Republican Party

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger pulls on a pipe valve to stop the flow of fake red ink during a news conference at Cal Expo in Sacramento, Calif., in this file photo taken Wedensday, Feb. 23, 2005. Schwarzenegger used the event to call on lawmakers to approve a constitutional amendment that automatically cuts state spending across the board if spending execeeds state revenues. In January, 2006, Schwarzenegger announced his Strategic Growth Plan, a proposal to spend $68 billion for a state infrastructure bond plan. After executing a variety of political cartwheels to the right and left, Schwarzenegger is struggling to re-establish the centrist appeal that helped elect him to office in 2003.

ASSociated Press: Schwarzenegger to Give Keynote Address

After a year in which he lurched right, then left, Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger faces an early crossroad in his re-election campaign for governor.

The Hollywood star-turned-politician is scheduled to give the keynote speech Friday at the state Republican Party winter convention in San Jose — even as conservatives openly question why they should support him.

“When you look at the gyrations in his policies, it appears he’s plagued by an absence of core values,” said longtime Republican strategist Arnold Steinberg. “He comes across as a caricature, where energy and enthusiasm are confused with core values.”

Look for Schwarzenegger to throw some “RED MEAT” at the Republican activists to placate the California Republican Party enough to avoid a NON-ENDORSEMENT.

The only person rooting for Schwarzenegger this weekend is Democrat, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.


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