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Iran Nuclear Watch: White House Dampens Talk of Iran Military Strike

Seymour Hersh appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer today.

ASSociated Press: U.S. Seeks to Dampen Talk of Iran Strike

The White House on Sunday sought to dampen the idea of a U.S. military strike on
Iran, saying the United States is conducting “normal defense and intelligence planning” as President Bush seeks a diplomatic solution to Tehran’s suspected nuclear weapons program.

Administration officials — from President Bush on down — have left open the possibility of a military response if Iran does not end its nuclear ambitions. Several reports published Sunday said the administration was studying options for military strikes; one account raised the possibility of using nuclear bombs against Iran’s underground nuclear sites.

Britain’s foreign secretary called the idea of a nuclear strike “completely nuts.”

Dan Bartlett, counselor to Bush, cautioned against reading too much into administration planning.

“The president’s priority is to find a diplomatic solution to a problem the entire world recognizes,” Bartlett told The Associated Press on Sunday. “And those who are drawing broad, definitive conclusions based on normal defense and intelligence planning, are ill-informed and are not knowledgeable of the administration’s thinking on Iran.”

So, is Seymour Hersh’s piece in the New Yorker well sourced and accurate?

Michelle Malkin has SY HERSH: BLOWING U.S. COVER

Seymour Hersh appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer today to share such pearls of wisdom as this: “Instead of talking about bombing, let’s talk about talking.” Hat tip to Allah Pundit, who writes: “Here’s the man of the hour, defending his willingness to publicize info about clandestine ops and then preaching the virtues of empty diplomacy.”

Download and watch the video (.wmv file).


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Flap agrees that Hersch’s sources are anonymous and greasy. But, if the United States wanted to send a message to Iran, it has been delivered.

The Armed Liberal puts it all in perspective:A Man, A Plan, Iran

Just as a side note, it’s interesting that the people who are having strokes over the claim that the Administration is developing a plan or series of plans for military action in Iran are the same people who had strokes over the lack of planning in the war in Iraq.

I tend not to get very exercised about this, since I’m sure that there are plans being updated every day for – among other things – the invasion of Canada. All those midlevel officers in the Pentagon have to do something every day, and having detailed contingency plans for just about everything is probably a pretty good thing for them to be doing.

The disclosure of these plans is a part of the dance in which the Administration tries to manage perceptions within Iran while the press tries to manage perceptions of the Administration within the United States.

Well stated…….
Stay tuned……


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The Natanz uranium enrichment complex in Natanz is pictured in this January 2, 2006 satellite image.

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