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  1. So when is the reality of the Hilary Clinton/Anthony Pellicano going to be legally exposed?

    And how about this for reality:

    The other night I was watching some Los Angeles City Council Meetings on channel 35 here in Los Angeles since I have a REAL vested legal interest in Councilman Bernard Parks, Councilman Eric Garcetti and MORE. Most was Ridiculous Garbage talk.

    Most people think I am a nutcase, lunitic, whatever………. I could care less. I get a lot of E-mail’s. Let me give you just a peek of what’s legally coming down. Here are some quote’s:

    “The challenge is to get those good guys in law enforcement to testify against the bad guys. It is very, very difficult.
    Even the good guy cops protect the bad guy cops for their perception/belief it is for the greater good. It’s kind of like family, if your kids do something bad, you may discipline them, but you would certainly not allow someone else to discipline them.”

    “Hi, Mario

    I understand your exhaustion.
    I’m fortunate to be in a position to make a difference.
    There is no better quote for what you have experienced than… “you must fight fire with fire”
    I have the firepower, but it is not without sacrifice. You/I must not have fear. I know you do not.
    I have some very powerful lawyers… lawyers that have no fear and have the juice. Fortunately, I also have the political connections that protect my position.”

    “Nice work on the website.
    Mario, there are very powerful forces trying to prevent your information and other collaborating information against the LAPD and the City of LA from coming forward. But it will and it is.”

    How about these quote’s


    It is not meant to be proven about the Dynamite… it was just what was done to get the FBI control of the investigation and keep out the LAPD.

    Pellicano knows Ito and many others in LAPD.”

    “On the Fed’s… yes you are right, lot’s of dynamite… it was a complete set-up. Remember, whenever explosives are found or used in a crime, the FBI has jurisdiction. They had to do this to keep out the LAPD… Pellicano was untouchable, remember the Pellicano investigation started right in the heart of the LAPD Rampart development. Pellicano and another investigator you will hear more about soon, Scott Ross, had deep roots in towers of Parker Center.”

    A complete set-up of Anthony Pellicano by The F.B.I? Could it have been a spy vs. spy vs. spy vs. spy vs. spy vs. spy………..promises……………..sell-out, ect…………………..spy vs. spy vs. spy…………………………..?…………..UNDERSTAND?

    So why did Cathy Seipp delete the comment’s that I made on her website yesterday.? She and others “CAN’T handle the truth of what I say.

    And what about the Brave (NOT) crime fighter Patterico, (AKA) Los Angeles County Assistant District Attorney Patrick Frey?

    Patrick Frey is LYING, Plain and Simple with this comment:

    “I think this is great. Everyone in LAPD should know that any suspect at any time could actually be an undercover Internal Affairs officer, testing the arresting officer’s courtesy and honesty. This can only increase public confidence in LAPD. In addition, it gives prosecutors the information necessary to review past arrests by this officer. We seek justice in the D.A.’s office, and don’t want to convict innocent people. Stings like this help us achieve justice.”

    Patterico’s Pontifications » LAPD Busts Police Officer for …
    LAPD Busts Police Officer for Allegedly Fabricating Evidence. Filed under: General,
    Crime — Patterico @ 9:15 pm. This is excellent: … – Cached

    And I can prove Mr. Frey IS DECEPTIVE LIAR, and MORE. Piece of Cake for me.

    Mario G. Nitrini 111

    The OJ Simpson Case

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