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Canada Terrorism Watch: Toronto Mosque Vandalized

The International Muslims Organization of Toronto mosque, located on Rexdale Boulevard in northwest Toronto, was vandalized on the weekend.

Reuters: Toronto mosque vandalized after 17 arrests

Vandals smashed windows of a Toronto mosque after a weekend police sweep that netted 17 suspected al Qaeda sympathizers accused of plotting bomb attacks, and Canadian Muslims expressed fear on Sunday that a backlash had begun.

“Numerous windows were smashed” at the mosque either late Saturday or early on Sunday and the incident was being investigated, a police official said in an interview.

A second official said he had no information on whether there was a link between the vandalism and the arrests.

Mohammad Alam, the president Islamic Foundation of Toronto, said the incident may be the beginning of religiously motivated reprisals against the country’s Muslim population, estimated at more than 600,000.

While he said he backed the government’s efforts at stamping out terrorism, Alam noted that nothing has been proven thus far in the case, which has gripped the country.

“Like everybody knows, this is so far all allegation,” Alam said. “To us, it doesn’t matter what religion they belong to — if they’re a terrorist, they’re a terrorist, they should be punished according to the law.”

Vandalism of a mosque and the 17 arrested have not even been convicted of ANYTHING.

Where is the tolerance? Where are Intternational Human Rights Organizations when you need them?

And now Canada will want their own Gitmo, no?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is also wary of reaction to the arrests. However, Acting Sgt. Michele Paradis said on Sunday “this isn’t about religion or ethnic groups. This is about criminal behavior.”

Canada and the West are involved in a Global War on Terror against radical islamo-fascists who want to impose their Muslim theocracy.

Will this be a wake-up call for Canada?


A group of women identified as relatives of some of the men arrested last night on terrorism charges wait to be let in to the Brampton courthouse Saturday, June 3, 2006.

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  • Elyse

    I can’t believe my eye’s at what is going on. I’m a 18 year old student that takes pride in living in Canada and my small rural area, waking up each morning knowing nothing happened to my house, just because I forgot to unlock my door on the way in from work. What is happening to Canada? ….. This keeps me worried.