MediaPolitics Wach: Hugh Hewitt and Salem Communications Team Up for Conservative Activism

Newsweek: The Right: The Next Big Thing?

Conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt marries the power of talk radio with the reach of the ‘netroots.’ Watch out, Kos.

On July 4, Salem Communications, one of the country’s largest radio-station owners, will relaunch an old Web war horse called as a hub for its stable of stars (including Bill Bennett, Michael Medved and Hewitt himself). The hope? That “Web 2.0” wherewithal can transform what was once an op-ed clearinghouse into a single nerve center serving the separate conservative communities of talk radio and the Internet. To Hewitt, a valuable White House ally, the math is simple: add 6 million Salem fans to Townhall’s 1.4 million unique monthly visitors and you’ve got an audience six or seven times the size of liberal site Daily Kos, the Web’s biggest political blog. “We will overwhelm them,” he says.

Hugh Hewitt and Edward G. Atsinger, III, a Ventura County, Camarillo, California resident, have assembled an awesome communications conglomerate/empire from the RIGHT.

Atsinger, a board member of Oaks Christian High School (Son of Flap’s alma mater) has been acquiring his media empire as President and CEO of Salem Communications for years. His political donations and activism are renown in GOP (conservative) and Christian circles.

Edward G. Atsinger, III

Flap is looking forward to the July 4th conversion of Knowing both Hewitt and Atsinger there are only good things to come.

Captain Ed has Conservative Convergence Coming

What does that mean for conservatives? Looking at the Salem line-up, it portends a strengthening of the center-right rather than conservative extremism. The hosts on Salem tend towards that direction, especially Hugh himself. Dennis Prager and Michael Medved also offer shows that rely on dialogue with opposing views and focus on finding common values to reach larger consensus on political issues. Bill Bennett has a more socially conservative slant, and Laura Ingraham tends towards hard-line conservatism, but the thrust should enable the center-right and put a positive face on the Right.

Kossaks here comes the RIGHT.

Stay tuned for the July 4 launch………

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