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Washington Times: Lieberman rival owns stock in Wal-Mart

Connecticut millionaire businessman Ned Lamont, who sharply criticized the employment practices of Wal-Mart this week in his campaign to unseat Sen. Joe Lieberman in the Democrat primary, owns stock in the company, Senate records reveal.

“This is about waking up Wal-Mart, and this is also about waking up corporate America,” Mr. Lamont said Wednesday at a Bridgeport rally against the retail giant, hosted by many of the same liberal bloggers who have boosted the former cable executive far ahead of Mr. Lieberman in the polls.

But Mr. Lamont and his family are part owners of the company, according to financial disclosure records he filed earlier this year with the secretary of the Senate. Mr. Lamont, his wife and a dependent child own as much as $31,000 in Wal-Mart stock.

Well, how do you spell HYPOCRITE?

Especially since Lamont earns how much a year in dividends from his ownership of Wal-Mart stock?

Mr. Lamont and his wife jointly own two accounts containing as much as $16,000 in Wal-Mart stock. Their Wal-Mart holdings spin off as much as $3,500 in annual dividends. In addition, a trust fund he set up for one of his children contains as much as $15,000 in Wal-Mart stock and spins off as much as $1,000 in dividends.

But, Ned wants to be true to his Lefty NUTTER Netroots so out come the attacks on Wal-Mart and Joe Lieberman for accepting but then returning a $1,000 Wal-Mart PAC contribution.

But, how HYPOCRITICAL do you ask?

The Wal-Mart folks have this to say:

“These candidates have shopped at Wal-Mart, invested in Wal-Mart and welcomed Wal-Mart jobs,” said Kevin Sheridan, spokesman for Working Families for Wal-Mart. “Now they’re telling the working men and women they want to represent that they can’t save money or take jobs at Wal-Mart? This is all about politics. And it’s sad.”

Sad, but typical…….

Oh yes, you ask….Ned Lamont recently resigned from his mostly white and patrician club, Greenwich Country Club. Lamont said he quit because it was too white and too rich and he did not want it to become a campaign issue.

Yet, he now campaigns with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.


Hypocritical, you ask?

You betcha……

The Democrats in Connecticut may be too amored with fresh-faced Ned and may elect him next Tuesday but beating Joe Lieberman in November WILL be another story.

Stay tuned…….


Captain Ed has the same assessment of Ned Lamont – dishonest and hypocritical.


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