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9/11 Conspiracy Theory Watch: President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela Says 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Bear Examination


Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez attends an event celebrating the National Women’s Institute’s anniversary in Caracas September 12, 2006.

AP: Theory that U.S. orchestrated Sept. 11 attacks ‘not absurd’: Venezuela

President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday that it’s at least plausible that the U.S. government was involved in the Sept. 11 attacks.

Chavez did not specifically accuse the U.S. government of having a hand in the Sept. 11 attacks, but rather suggested that theories of U.S. involvement bear examination.

The Venezuelan leader, an outspoken critic of U.S. President George W. Bush, was reacting to a television report investigating a theory that the Twin Towers were brought down with explosives after hijacked airplanes crashed into them in 2001.

“The hypothesis is not absurd . . . that those towers could have been dynamited,” Chavez said in a speech to supporters. “A building never collapses like that, unless it’s with an implosion.”

“The hypothesis that is gaining strength . . . is that it was the same U.S. imperial power that planned and carried out this terrible terrorist attack or act against its own people and against citizens of all over the world,” Chavez said.

“Why? To justify the aggressions that immediately were unleashed on Afghanistan, on Iraq.”

Hugo Chavez has gone NUTTER.

But, then again, didn’t we already know it?


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  • Sir Truther

    9/11 Passengers = Big Smoking Gun!

    The evidence indicates that the 9/11 passengers onboard AA-77 & UA-93 were murdered somewhere other than at the crash sites. The real perpetrators of 9/11 made a huge mistake in ID’ing all of those passengers with DNA or other methods. (The ID’s were made to facilitate the issuance of death certificates to close the cases & thus end further investigation.) Basic science & commonsense demonstrate that whatever crashed at the Pentagon & Shanksville was obliterated. There is absolutely no way that viable DNA (organic material) could have been recovered from passengers at these sites.

  • Tony Snowerson

    NIST and FEMAs reports differ (Google either agency for more info). FEMA suggests the impossible happens, pancaking floors. NIST emphasizes that fires destroyed the towers, apparently without visually modeling the sequence of progession during the collapses. I am not really sure what to make of what I could find on their website (part 1 of the report had a page probably about fire behavior completely blacked out and the second part is always corrupted when I try to view it), so I requested a free copy of all their published statements and reports regarding the WTC attacks.

    There is also much, much more evidence for a controlled demolition theory. Physical evidence. Look up the Scholars for 9/11 Truth. FEMA discovered anomalies in the metal, a “severe, high temperature corrosive attack” on the steel tested. NIST refuses to do any testing similar to that. They only test physical capabilities of the metal. Professor Steven Jones of Bringham Young University did a metallurgical analysis of some WTC metal, expanding on FEMAs research, and found evidence that thermate was used at some point. This is corroborated by video evidence. It’s all on the Scholars for 9/11 Truth website. Look it up on Google.