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Bill Clinton Watch: Excuses are Clinton’s REAL Legacy in the Global War on Terror


Former U.S. President Bill Clinton (R) speaks during an interview with Chris Wallace during the ‘FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace show’ in New York in this video grab taken on September 22, 2006.

National Review: Bill Clinton’s Excuses

No matter what he says, the record shows he failed to act against terrorism.

“I worked hard to try and kill him,” former president Bill Clinton told Fox News Sunday. “I tried. I tried and failed.”

“Him” is Osama bin Laden. And in his interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, the former president based nearly his entire defense on one source: Against All Enemies: Inside America’s War on Terror, the book by former White House counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke. “All I’m asking is if anybody wants to say I didn’t do enough, you read Richard Clarke’s book,” Clinton said at one point in the interview. “All you have to do is read Richard Clarke’s book to look at what we did in a comprehensive systematic way to try to protect the country against terror,” he said at another. “All you have to do is read Richard Clarke’s findings and you know it’s not true,” he said at yet another point. In all, Clinton mentioned Clarke’s name 11 times during the Fox interview.

But Clarke’s book does not, in fact, support Clinton’s claim. Judging by Clarke’s sympathetic account — as well as by the sympathetic accounts of other former Clinton aides like Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon — it’s not quite accurate to say that Clinton tried to kill bin Laden. Rather, he tried to convince — as opposed to, say, order — U.S. military and intelligence agencies to kill bin Laden. And when, on a number of occasions, those agencies refused to act, Clinton, the commander-in-chief, gave up.

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Flap agrees with Hugh Hewitt that Byron York has completely destroyed Clinton’s tantrum of yesterday. Even Billy Boy poking his finger at Chris Wallace and yelling at his staff after the interview did nothing to endear him with the American public he failed to protect from Osama bin Laden.

Clinton did LITTLE to fight Al Qaeda, bin Laden et. al. despite his protestations that he TRIED.

Why else did Bubba wish to intimidate ABC to prevent the network from airing The Path to 9/11?

In the Global War on Terror results matter not pathetic excuses from former HAS BEEN President’s who could have prevented 9/11 but FAILED.

Again Flap has to agree with Hugh and George Will:

“Clinton is not the worst president the republic has had, but he is the worst person ever to have been president.”


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