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Senator Joe Lieberman Watch: First Debate – Lieberman Accuses Lamont of “Finger-Pointing”


Connecticut candidates for the U.S. Senate smile after taking part in a three-way debate in Stamford, Conn., Monday, Oct. 16, 2006. From left are, Republican candidate Alan Schlesinger; incumbent Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, who is running as an independent; and Democratic Party candidate Ned Lamont.

AP: Rivals take shots at Lieberman in debate

Sen. Joe Lieberman might as well have worn a bull’s-eye during Monday’s debate with his Democratic and Republican rivals.

Democrat Ned Lamont labeled the three-term Connecticut senator a career politician in lockstep with President Bush on Iraq. Long-shot Republican Alan Schlesinger described himself as the only conservative in a race against two liberals, warning GOP voters about Lieberman’s mostly Democratic voting record.

Lieberman took the jabs and delivered a few of his own.

“His finger-pointing … is the last thing Washington needs more of,” Lieberman said of Lamont, accusing him of running a negative campaign.

Schlesinger is right about Lieberman – he is a Lefty except for the global war on terror, War in Iraq. And Lieberman is dead on when he accuses Lamont of running a negative campaign.

But, the facts remain:

Lamont is trailing in the polls and has never lead.

Lamont is writing his own campaign checks and is having difficulty raising campaign cash.

Lamont desperately needs a knock-out of Lieberman in order to beat the long-time incumbent and has failed to deliver.

The Big Fact:


Allah Has the NUTS that Schlesinger won – according to the NUTROOTS, that is.

Daily Kos: Republican Alan Schlesinger, who was surprisingly impressive in the debate, made a clear distinction between himself and his two opponents on the immigration issue:

Atrios: Schlesinger for Senate

Crooks and Liars: Schlesinger came out fighting

Jane Hamsher: Finally. A Republican with the stones to tell Joe Lieberman to get off his damn lawn. Lieberman thought he was going to look “bipartisan” standing in between Ned Lamont and Alan Schlessinger during the debate today but he just looked like a man without a country, crying because everyone was trying to steal his candy. While Joe was praising every Republican in sight (Jodi Rell, John McCain, Susan Collins — funny, no Democrats)

myDD: Lieberman Crunched, Schlesinger Soars

How do you spell COORDINATED SPIN?

Ace hates them.

Flap thinks they are SELF-RIGHTEOUS DUMBASSES who underestimate the voters of Connecticutt.

MM thinks Lamont’s campaign has FIZZLED.

The most significant development of the campaign is how dispirited some of the unhinged Left now seem to be about the once-indomitable Lamont campaign. At HuffPo, Arianna’s begging for readers to “help save Lamont” and lamenting Lamont’s move to the center.

Stay tuned……


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