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California Election 2006 Watch: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Wins Re-election


California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger kisses his wife Maria Shriver after his re-election, in Beverly Hills. November 7, 2006.

Reuters: Schwarzenegger gains landslide California win

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger won re-election by a landslide after distancing himself from fellow Republican President George W. Bush and taking a moderate stance, results on Wednesday showed.

The former Hollywood star first elected three years ago in an unprecedented recall vote beat his Democratic opponent, State Treasurer Phil Angelides, by 17 points with 99.6 percent of Tuesday’s vote counted.

“What a fantastic evening; I love doing sequels,” Schwarzenegger told supporters in Beverly Hills. “But this without any doubt is my favorite sequel.”

The star of the “Terminator” films scrapped a confrontational style that served him well as a champion bodybuilder and in movies but led to a complete defeat in a special initiative election last year.

A humbled Schwarzenegger, 59, turned on his charm, no longer taunted Democratic legislators as “girlie men” and backed a series of bipartisan laws, including reducing the state’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Arnold made “NICE” and was rewarded by his re-election.

Will it continue?


But, now the Governator actually has to GOVERN…..

Stay tuned…….


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