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Tom McClintock Watch: State Board of Equalization?


California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and California State Senator and Lt. Governor candidate Tom McClintock in San Jose at the California Republican Party Convention, February 24, 2006.

Los Angeles Times: Lowered expectations

Having lost races for governor, lieutenant governor and state controller, Republican State Sen. Tom McClintock of Thousand Oaks is working his way down the ole ballot. The Capitol Morning Report, which is sort of the daily racing sheet of Sacramento politics, reports that McClintock has opened a campaign account to run for a Board of Equalization seat in 2010.

Of course, many termed-out legislators open accounts for offices they don’t have interest in, just so they have a way to continue fundraising. But then again the Board of Equalization is a popular way station for politicians looking to run for another job. McClintock’s interest in the BOE remains unknown as he did not respond to a request for comment.

Flap suspects this is a fund-raising mechanism. Especially, since McClintock is termed out of his California State Senate seat.

Now, this could change with a redistricting proposal being floated around the capital – should the governor need to entice affirmative Democrat legislative votes with a change in term limits.

But, what Tom WILL do is open a federal fundraising account (unless he already has?) and keep his powder dry for a possible Congressional run in either the 24th (Thousand Oaks) or another safe GOP district.



Tom McClintock Watch: McClintock for Congress?

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