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Michael Angelo Morales Watch: California Governor Schwarzenegger Proposes Revised 5-Point Lethal Injection Protocol


Sacramento Bee: State seeks new plan for lethal injections

Responding to judge, governor wants improved training for executions.

Addressing concerns of a federal judge, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger laid out a plan Monday to bring California’s lethal injection process in line with constitutional standards guarding against cruel and unusual punishment.

Schwarzenegger’s proposed five-point lethal injection protocol came in response to Friday’s ruling by U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel in San Jose that the state hadn’t been properly anesthetizing condemned inmates who were being put to death.

The Republican governor’s new review plan calls for better screening and training of “execution team” members and requiring them to better familiarize themselves with the death drugs they administer.

U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel’s ruling is here.

Remember Michael Morales?

Remember his victim, Terri Lynn Winchell?



“I respect Judge Fogel’s decision,” Schwarzenegger said in Los Angeles on Monday. “(He) … has made it very clear we should make the system, we should make the procedure constitutional. So I instructed my office and my team to do that, to work hard on it. We had meetings on that issue and we are going to comply with the judge.”

In a prepared statement, the governor said his administration will “take immediate action to resolve court concerns which have cast legal doubt on California’s procedure for carrying out the death penalty.”

Good Call Governator.

Now, let’s get some justice for Terri Lynn Winchell.

However, stay tuned for the appeals of the revised protocol as soon as it is completed.


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