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Michael Ramirez on Iran United Nations Sanctions


AFP: US warns Iran over ‘downward spiral’ with UN nuclear watchdog

The United States warned Iran against heading into a “downward spiral” of non-cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog IAEA after Tehran’s parliament authorized the government to limit the agency’s access to its atomic sites.

A White House spokesman, Scott Stanzel, urged the Islamic Republic to “immediately” conform to the demands of the UN Security Council to suspend its enrichment of uranium, a practice many fear is a cover for developing nuclear weapons.

“Iran has long been in non-compliance with its Non-Proliferation Treaty and required IAEA safeguard agreements,” Stanzel said in Crawford, Texas, where
President George W. Bush was spending the end of the year.

Further non-compliance by Iran “will worsen its situation in the eyes of the world” and generate further reports of non-compliance from the
International Atomic Energy Agency, he said.

“It is hard to see how such a downward spiral is in the interest of the Iranian people,” the spokesman said.

“We hope, therefore, that the Iranian regime will set aside threats and confrontation and will begin immediately to cooperate with all the requirements of the Security Council.”

Iran has NO intention to comply with any FECKLESS United Nations sanction.

The Mullahs covet a nuclear weapon and will do ANYTHING to obtain it.

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