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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger answers questions during an appearance at the Sacramento Press Club, Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2007, in Sacramento, Calif.

California Insider: Schwarzenegger at the Press Club

The governor addressed the Sacramento Press Club in his annual visit today and didn’t break news. But that won’t stop us from sharing a few tidbits.

–He clarified his position on the presidential campaign, sort of, saying he didn’t intend “to chase the presidential candidates from state to state” but did plan a few strategic speeches around the country to try to bring attention to the issues he cares about and thinks the feds should be taking care of, including global warming, health care and immigration.

–He declined to endorse a candidate in the early running, suggested he would consider endorsing a Democrat or a Republican, then backed off that and said he would probably endorse a Republican but not until hearing what they all have to say.

–He said California should move its presidential primary from June to February so it can become “relevant” in the presidential nominating process. Right now, he said, the state is an “afterthought” except when it comes to fundraising.

“They take the money and run,” he said.

–Asked about an LA Times editorial that said the U.S. Constitution should be amended so he could run for president, Schwarzenegger quipped:

“That’s why I am for comprehensive immigration reform.” He then added that he’s not thinking about running for president at the moment.

An early California primary would aid Rudy Giuliani. And California is a winner take all GOP delegate state.

Now, it isn’t a coincidence that the Mayor is a luncheon speaker at the California Republican Party Convention in Sacramento, February 9 -11.

Has Arnold  made his endorsement?


But, will the Democrats who control the California Legislature agree to the change of primary election date?

Stay tuned……..



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One Response to “Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch: Schwarzenegger Favors California Presidential Primary Move to February 2008”
  1. Jeff Saizow says:

    Hi! I was skiing in Big sky Montana and I broke my femur too! and knee cap and clavical. Im 11 years old and on cruches, i was in a wheelchair till today Jan. 17. We were on a duoble black dimond and one of our friends dad slipped on ice or something and fell about 200 yards before hitting me. Then fell about another 200 yards. all I remember was getting hit and shouting of pain and because I was scared. I was in the hospital 4 2 days and got back to Tulsa, Ok in time for christmas. How did your ski accident happen? I also saw you on the Golden Globes and you were walking perity good.


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