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Video: The Firefighters’ Candidate Cattle Call

The Fix spent yesterday listening to 11 presidential candidates (declared and likely to declare) address the International Association of Fire Fighters gathering in Washington. Read my posts here: Edwards, Obama-Clinton, Richardson.

The Post’s Dan Balz and Zach Goldfarb wrote about it in today’s paper, and to the right is a video that video journalist John Poole shot. Take a look at the video, as it will give you a good taste of what the day was like.

The Video is here.

Candidate Cattle Call it was and a UNION one at that.

Mitt Romney didn’t show.

Rudy didn’t show and received nasty gram pieces like this written about him. But, what the IAFF tried to do to Rudy was more on this order.

A Swiftboating of Rudy is probably too strong a term. The IAFF effort on behalf of the Democrats was weak and ineffective.

Flap has written about his boredom with this WEAK attempt previously.




This meeting was a typical union camp meeting with lots of PANDER SAUCE.

And a little nasty left wing press smear for Rudy about 9/11 and firefighters.

American voters will not be fooled or spun. They know Rudy was there and has the support of the rank and file first responders:



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