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Rudy Giuliani Watch: Blaming the Blogosphere?


Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani speaks after picking up the support of South Carolina Treasurer Thomas Ravenel, far left during a news conference, Thursday, April 5, 2007, at the Statehouse in Columbia, S.C.

Giuliani: Take Me Or Leave Me

I reminded Giuliani that South Carolina was the site of a vicious Republican primary campaign in 2000, in which John McCain was the subject of venomous attacks by supporters of George W. Bush.

Has it crossed your mind that this may be an extremely rough primary in 2008? I asked him.

“It has, and it will be,” Giuliani replied. But he also said he did not think the attacks would come directly from other Republican presidential candidates.

“I think more of this comes from the atmosphere in the blogging atmosphere, in the instant news atmosphere, and the minute analysis atmosphere,” he said.

Giuliani’s positions on abortion, gun control and gay rights are very moderate by Republican standards and some political analysts have said he cannot be nominated because of them. But Giuliani said in the interview he would not change.

“I am not going to change who I am,” he said. “I think that would be a terrible mistake. Better off you vote against me than I change who I am. Because then I couldn’t be an effective president.”

With this background, next we turn to Matt Lewis’s analysis of the piece: Bloggers to Blame for Rudy’s Bad Week?

Is Rudy blaming bloggers for his recent bad publicity?

Rudy’s recent problems have arisen from interviews he granted or speeches he gave.

The most damning information has come from YouTube videos, which merely give the voters a chance to hear Rudy — in his own words. His primary problems — the ones that have stuck — have not come from bloggers scurrilous accusations — they have come from bloggers reporting his own words.

Debate and argument are healthy for Democracy. And as a conservative, I am happy that we are having these fights now — rather than in the General Election. Imagine if we didn’t find out that Rudy Giuliani was in favor of taxpayer-funded abortion until two weeks before the Genereal Election. In that scenario, we could actually have a Republican candidate who is more pro-choice than the Democrat nominee …

Matt has it WRONG and Captain Ed slaps him back as does K-Lo.

Update: So does AllahPundit

Matt, do Flap a favor and read the whole piece before shooting off your mouth and from the hip.

Rudy is Rudy and may not be the “complete” candidate for all Republicans. But, the Presidential campaign will be about leadership and ISSUES.

Giuliani is RIGHT on both.

And, yes, this is a campaign. Flap thinks the Mayor knows.

Matt Lewis wimps out on a subsequent post where he blames Rudy supporters. WEAK.


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3 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani Watch: Blaming the Blogosphere?

  1. Rudy is dead on right. It is the Blogosphere that will be attacking him, not necessarily other GOP candidates. And the Left is behind it all.

    Amazing to me how our Conservative cousins fall so easily into the Leftwing trap. You don’t think that CNN deal was a set up? The Producers at CNN no doubt planned that. They set the bait. Rudy made a misstep, and our Conservative cousins, dupes that they are, compounded the problem.

    We Libertarians saw it all for what it was. A Leftwing trap set up for Rudy and the Conservatives. Yes, Rudy made a minor error. But the ones to blame here are the Conservatives for not being smart enough to figure this whole thing out.

    Eric Dondero, Chairman
    Libertarians for Giuliani

  2. Rudy Giuliani,
    I have always felt protected by you so, how could you support a person who defile the moral respect of America women by calling them “HO’s”. You yourself know that Imus is a repeat offender. When are we as women going to be protected by our leaders?

  3. Support?


    Flap is not an Imus supporter but to say that Giuliani supports racist comments.

    Well, that is BULL.

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