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Iran Watch: Iran-UK Hostage Crisis – The Aftermath

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad meets with the British troops. (April 4)

Daily Mail: We were blindfolded, bound and stripped, say our sailors

The British sailors released by Iran have today told how they were kidnapped and blindfolded and subjected to ‘constant psychological pressure’.

The sailors and marines were told if they did not admit they had strayed into Iranian waters they faced seven years in prison.

Two of the freed captives shared the reading of a prepared statement at Royal Marines Base at Chivenor, north Devon, where they revealed the first details of their time as hostages.

Lieutenant Felix Carman confirmed the sailors were in Iraqi waters when they were detained by Iran. “We were 1.7 nautical miles from Iranian waters,” he said.

The sailors and marines said they were bound, blindfolded and lined up against a wall while weapons were cocked, making them “fear the worst”.

Apparently responding to criticisms that the sailors and marines surrendered too easily to the Iranians and were too eager to cooperate with their captors, they said that “fighting back was simply not an option”.

Flap thought these folks were in the military. They sound whine like they were civilians who were kidnapped on a pleasure cruise.

Their grandparents who fought WW II must be rolling over in their graves.


Left to right: Joe Tindall, Arthur Batchelor, Chris Air, Felix Carman, Adam Sperry and Simon Massey

Here is video of part of the news conference:

Flap thinks this analysis of the situation fits best:

Good grief the Iranians must be laughing their asses off in Tehran of the GREAT ROYAL NAVY – NOT.



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