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Giuliani Notes: South Carolina – Rudy Leads GOP Field


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Among 500 Republicans, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani leads former Speaker Newt Gingrich (22% to 15%) in a statewide primary; former Gov. Mitt Romney trails at 10%, Sen. John McCain at 9%, and former Sen. Fred Thompson at 8%.

The GOP Nuts:

Giuliani: 22%

Gingrich: 15%

Romney: 10%

McCain: 9%

(Fred) Thompson: 8%

Brownback: 4%

Hunter: 4%

Huckabee: 1%

Paul: 1%

Don’t Know/Undecided: 26%

An interesting poll that was taken May 8-9. McCain is fading in South Carolina while Mitt Romney gains.

Conventional wisdom has Rudy not finishing strong in South Carolina but now with McCain’s fade……..Is the race Rudy vs. Romney?


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7 thoughts on “Giuliani Notes: South Carolina – Rudy Leads GOP Field

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  2. That poll does seem a little bit odd….My guess is McCain is about 20% in the state. I’m interesting in the background because in 2000 McCain won big in the Costal Reigional of the state with the Transpats live and Bush killed in Inland. I know McCain plain was to secure the inland without losing the Costal Reigional? Voters in the costal reigional are more Libertain and worry about Taxes and stuff and Inland is the Flag and Abortion. McCain can very well trap himself by trying to move to for Right to get the Inland vote but loses it if/when Thompson jumps in and Rudy feels he void on the Coast. Also no Indepedents in the poll which is bad since it a open primany………..

  3. With Florida moving up to January 29 will South Carolina have any relevance? If Rudy finishes second here and in New Hampshire the race is over.

    Both are open primaries and Obama is fading hence independents in New Hampshire may participate more in the GOP.

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