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Tony Strickland Watch: Strickland Endorsed by ENTIRE Senate GOP Caucus and by Ventura County GOP


Tony Strickland endorsed by ENTIRE Senate GOP Caucus and by Ventura County GOP

From the way that Tony Strickland’s campaign for California State Senate is gearing up, you would almost think that that he is listed as “incumbent” on the ballot. But, of course, he is not. The incumbent, Senator Tom McClintock, is retiring next year as term limits prevents him from seeking a third Senate term.

Today the ENTIRE 15-member State Senate Republican Caucus endorsed former Assemblyman Strickland in his bid to succeed McClintock.

Strickland’s State Senate endorsement page is here.


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His California State Senate website is here.

Flap’s analysis is the same as in January of this year:

This move by Tony Strickland was well-anticipated in Ventura County, California GOP politics.

Strickland is the front-runner and ANY thoughts that Mike Stoker, a field representative for current California State Senator, Tom McClintock are DELUSIONS of GRANDEUR.

Look for an uncontested February (written before current legislation) June 2008 GOP primary election for this seat and for Tony Strickland to be the next State Senator.

If anyone thinks that Strickland will not be the next State Senator from representing Thousand Oaks, they must be Jim Dantona NUTS.


California Assemblywoman Audra Strickland (R-Thousand Oaks) and Tony Strickland


Tony Strickland Watch: Strickland Eyes Tom McClintock’s California State Senate Seat in 2008

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