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Mitt Romney Watch: Flipping on Immigration AGAIN

Former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney being interviewed by the Lakeland Ledger in Florida, May 25, 2007.

San Francisco Chronicle: Romney backs off stand of registering migrants

He seeks to offset McCain’s support of immigration bill

Heading into today’s televised Republican debate in New Hampshire, an early primary state, two of the top GOP presidential candidates have clashed over the highly charged issue of illegal immigration.

But former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney — trying to take advantage of a backlash against the position of Arizona Sen. John McCain — appears to have backed away from his calls for an estimated 12 million to 20 million illegal immigrants to register with the government, as he told The Chronicle in March.

Romney, who has been highly critical McCain’s support for the immigration proposal now being debated in the Senate, highlighted three immigration reform priorities this week: securing the U.S. border, putting in place an “enforceable employment verification system” to ensure that employers hire only legal workers, and allowing “no special pathway or privilege to citizenship for those here illegally.”

But in the March interview with The Chronicle, Romney said “the first thing I’d like them (illegal immigrants) to do is to register, so I know how many there are, and what their circumstances are,” including whether they have had children born in America, how long they have been here and whether they hold jobs.

“And on that basis, we can see who would receive temporary employment visas and who would instead be required to return home,” he said.

The current Senate immigration proposal, backed by President Bush, would create a new Z visa, which would call for those in the country illegally to register with authorities, pay a fine, learn English and begin a multiyear process to gain permanent residency.

Another change in position for the Mittster.  Or has he NOT thought this issue through?

Flap KNOWS McCain will ask Mitt tonight what his immigration policy position is besides being against the Senate Immigration Bill (which provides for registration with the Z-Visa).

Does Mitt have one?  Or is he a Pander-Bear?

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Mitt Romney Watch: Modulating on Immigration?

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