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Michael Ramirez on Democrat Representative William Jefferson


Representative William Jefferson Watch: Jefferson Will Be Indicted

Fox News: Judge Freezes Congressman Jefferson’s Assets

A federal judge Thursday froze the assets of Rep. William Jefferson, D-La., who was indicted this week on charges of soliciting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes.

Among the 16 criminal counts Jefferson is facing is a criminal forfeiture count, and prosecutors have already said they will seek to recoup hundreds of thousands of dollars from Jefferson that they believe he obtained illicitly by peddling his influence to help broker business deals in Africa.

Jefferson is scheduled to be arraigned Friday in U.S. District Court.


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3 thoughts on “Michael Ramirez on Democrat Representative William Jefferson

  1. The culture of political corruption in the State of Louisiana is so entrenched that it is said that “Louisiana is half under water, half under indictment.”
    Because of that attitude, Louisiana will never have any manufacturing plants or other sort of industry be willing to relocate to the state.

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